Sun World Hạ Long Park

Sun World Halong Complex, a megaproject at continental-level including exclusive and innovative parks, is the largest tourist – recreational complex of Vietnam. Visiting Sun World Halong Complex makes you feel living in a mysterious “Dragon land” with plenty of captivating and novel attraction.

Featuring a total area of 214 ha, Sun World Halong Complex consists of 2 main sectors linked by a sea-crossing cable car line: Beach amusement complex and Mystic Mountain complex

The 2-km long cable car will take visitors to the Mystic Mountain complex. There are numerous activities and things to see including the Zen garden, coin-op games and Sun Wheel – world’s top highest ferries wheel.

Sun World Halong Complex is a product of Sun Group, one of the leading corporations in investment and construction of amusement complex and resorts such as Sun World Ba Na Hills, Sun World Danang Wonders, Sun World Fansipan Legend… With the experience and reputation of Sun Group, Sun World Halong Complex is on its way to become a world-class amusement spot and attraction in Vietnam.

Location on map

Situated at the heart of Ha Long city

Sun World Halong Complex
Address: Ha Long Street, Bai Chay Ward, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam
Tel: 0203.3616.838
Hotline: 0989 200 699

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