From April 13 to 21, 2019, an enjoyable and unique Bubble Tea Boom for the first time in Ha Long will explode. 10,000 sweet bubble tea cups are to be doled to visitors who play quite hard at Dragon Park with a ticket worth VND 50,000 only. Besides, there are numerous gifts awaiting that bubble tea addicts can hardly get enough of.

Should you be a bubble tea addict, don’t miss out on this booming feast. 10,000 incredibly yummy bubble tea cups will be spared for visitors who come visiting Dragon Park (vouchers are distributed everyday at 9am, 2pm and 3pm from April 13 to 21, 2019). Play hard and drink hard for a shocking price to recharge yourselves up and along after a grueling and entertaining day.

The total free vouchers number up to 10,000. On the first day, 2,000 bubble tea cups are to be doled out free of charge to visitors with tickets in. In remaining days, there are to be 1,000 free cups distributed.

If you are late comers for a free bubble tea cup voucher, visitors may still seek comfort with a bubble tea discount voucher of 20 to 50% and join a string of Flash sales, Prime time and Mini game programs during the time of bonuses.

This summer program offers visitors a big opportunity to sift through a number of bubble tea products from the best bubble tea shops in Ha Long that are growing in popularity among the local young, namely Heyta, Mr. Goodtea, Gobi, Koei, Zeebee or Fencha…

Also on this occasion, visitors at the park may also revel in a number of amusement and minigame in exchange for extremely exciting prizes that refresh both your mind and your life from place to place. Let’s sway and rock yourselves in most uplifting performances by SweetBox breakdance band or wait to be astonished to no ends with perplexing magic games by international magicians or let go of the day in Acoustic Band tunes…

Such an explosive and fabulous summer is starting at Dragon Park, refreshed again with cool and sweet bubble tea cups. Youngsters may wholly enjoy a free bubble tea party, which surely keeps them going again and again. Because, those bubble tea cups are the much needed energy for them to chase after their own passion and boundless capabilities, and thus they easily fall for the drink unconditionally.




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